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MvH - Ready, steady, go…!

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  • I: zondag 27 mei, 11:00

Rev. Maarten van Helden

Ready, steady, go…!

Scripture: Matthew 28 en Acts 1:8
I Pet 3:13-17

After the ascension of the Lord Jesus and the great commandment, the disciples went to the upper room and a week later the Holy Spirit was poured on them. Thus they get the power of the Spirit to fulfil their command: to be witnesses. This command becomes more difficult as the world no longer tolerates the believers. As prosecution comes, it will be very difficult to be good witnesses.
Our text comes with a very clear call that we need to get ready for that which is coming. The question that will be asked is: How ready are you and me? Perhaps we should prepare a bit harder. The end time is here and the attack of the world on the church is just going to escalate. Are you ready?

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