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MvH - God, our Counsellor and Advisor!

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  • I: zondag 05 mei, 11:00

Rev. Maarten van Helden

God, our Counsellor and Advisor!

Scripture Reading Joshua 9:1-27
Text verses Joshua 9:14

It is time for our country’s general election. You have to decide…!
Decisions are not always that easy. Every time you make choices you have to keep some criteria in mind.
Israel was given particular rules for the covenant: No agreement or covenant with any of the nations! That was God’s will and criteria. He wanted to punish the Canaanites. But Israel made a gruesome error: they
looked at the stuff and forgot about the will of God.
Thus it will be this week in South Africa too. People will decide on behalf of their own needs. But where is God, His will and His Word in your decisions?

Lengte 58 min 33 sec
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