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PvdB - “Straw” is not “Wheat”

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  • I: zondag 19 mei, 11:00

Rev. Paul van den Berg

“Straw” is not “Wheat”

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 23
Text verse: Jeremiah 23: 28 en 29

There are people who sometimes easily say, “so says the Lord …” or “the Lord told me …”. But is this really the Word of the Lord? If it really is the Word of God, how will I know it? In Jeremiah 23, the prophets are charged
because they easily declare that the Lord was speaking through them. The Lord, however, charges the prophets that they deceive the people, since they pretend that they have received a revelation, dream or vision from the
Lord. What they proclaim as the Word of the Lord is their own brain gymnastics, or something that someone else has told them or just words to people that they would like to hear.
May you receive the gift of the Lord to truly discern what the Word of God (true wheat) is and what is human insight and own words (straw)

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