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MvH - The truth and nothing but the truth

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  • I: Over de kerk
  • I: zondag 02 juni, 11:00

Rev. Maarten van Helden

The truth and nothing but the truth

Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 18
Text verse: 2 Samuel 18: 19-33

Every person I know put a high emphasis on speaking the truth. In general we all hate deceit and corruption. And still our world and life is full of lies and unfaithfulness. The question is easily asked the way that Pontius Pilate asked Jesus: What is truth? Meaning something like this: Truth is relative. Truth depends on how it is told. White lies are fine.Diplomacy is such a good virtue. But sometimes it borders on the lie. Sometimes it is the great lie of our times.
Somebody one day jokingly made up the definition of diplomacy: “Diplomacy is telling somebody to go to hell, but in such a way that he/she actually sees forward to it!”. So it boils down to the honest question: What really is the truth and what are its fruits?

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